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Based in Sarasota, FL, Shane and Associates was founded on the principle that construction projects should start with construction experts. That would be the contractors that live and breathe construction and rely on it for their well-being and that of their families, employees and business partners.

We take this concept one step further by identifying and prequalifying the performing contractors, not just the available contractors. Performing contractors are constantly in the marketplace, staying on top of the latest developments and technologies in their area of practice.  These are the best of the best when it comes to quality, safety, schedule and budget.

Shane and Associates gets involved upstream and creates a project team by working closely with owners, contractors, design professionals and suppliers. This creates high quality design and construction resulting from effective and efficient collaboration between the owner and their contractor.  With this approach, owners benefit from the experts knowledge and can make decisions based on value, not just price.  This also creates one point of contact for the owner, as the contractor is responsible for providing the design, along with the means and methods for delivering the project.

Areas of expertise include restoration, waterproofing, painting, roofing, concrete repair and strengthening, exterior doors and windows, building envelope, corrosion control, renovations and remodeling. Contact us about providing a solution for your next construction problem and take advantage of over 60 years combined experience in specialty contracting for commercial, condominium and multi-family projects.

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