Owner’s Representative Services
As your Owner’s Representative, Shane and Associates ensures that your best interests are at the heart of every decision. We represent your interests and act as the liaison between you, the design team where applicable, and the contractor. Individual project team members are only responsible for their area of expertise. None of the team members, from the consultant to the contractor to the vendors, share the same global scope of concern as the Owner, with the exception of their appointed Representative.



  • Establish Owner’s project goals and objectives.
  • Develop a comprehensive project budget.
  • Develop a general overall project schedule.
  • Assist in consultant selection process where applicable.
  • Review project documents and drawings for accuracy and constructability.
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings.
  • Expedite communication and coordination between Owner and consultant(s).
  • Conduct and document project coordination meetings.
  • Review and prepare payment recommendations.
  • Assist in selection of contractors invited to submit a proposal.
  • Assist in direct purchase vendor selection when applicable.
  • Prepare comparative analysis of proposals.
  • Coordinate and conduct interviews with short-listed proponents.
  • Assist in selecting the contractor for the project.
  • Prepare cash flow projections.
  • Establish communication protocol.
  • Monitor on-site safety conditions and construction activities.
  • Review and prepare payment recommendations.
  • Negotiate change order scope and amount when applicable.
  • Coordinate activities of direct purchase vendors when applicable.
  • Conduct and document project progress meetings.
  • Expedite dispute resolution.
  • Develop punch list and monitor correction of punch list items.
  • Review submission of contract close-out documents.

A design professional’s responsibility is not the same as an Owner’s Representative and some professional organizations do not recommend that they “wear both hats”. Your commercial or residential property manager may not have the time or experience to act as an OR on a construction project. The experience, guidance and loyalty of an experienced construction professional representing you throughout your project will always justify the associated fee. Don’t be short-sighted in that regard.

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